Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the surgery has elected to transition to a telehealth model.

This is to protect our staff and patients, especially the elderly and those with multiple co-morbidities, who are at higher risk.

Telehealth consultation involves a phone call with Dr Daniel Ng instead of a face to face consult. The purpose of this telehealth consultation is to allow Dr Daniel Ng’s regular patients access to ongoing medical care without placing themselves at risk.

It is important to understand the limitations of telehealth consultation. Because telehealth consultation does not allow for physical examination, Dr Daniel Ng may not be able to safely treat certain medical problems. Furthermore, telehealth consultations are NOT for life-threatening or urgent medical problems. If you have a life-threatening or urgent medical problem please contact 000.

All Medicare Card Holders who have attended the practice in the last 12 months in person are eligible for bulk-billed telehealth service:

If you believe you are eligible and would like a telehealth consultation:

· SMS 0480259908 and leave your name, date of birth and a brief summary of your enquiry

It is important to understand that leaving a message does NOT guarantee that you will be contacted. If you are eligible, Dr Daniel Ng will endeavour to contact you in a timely manner.